1 Conlon lane, Tenafly, NJ 07670

Our Promise

When you bring your vehicle to Log Cabin, you can expect an exceptional level of service and respect. Our customers choose to stay with us year after year because we take care of them. It’s really that simple.

The Benefits of a Log Cabin Customer

Professionally Qualified & Insured

Log Cabin is fully insured and employs ASE® Certified technicians. We stand proudly behind our work and go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied. Our 75 years of professional experience means you enjoy added peace of mind when you bring in your vehicle.

Honest, Friendly Service

Trust and integrity are values sometimes forgotten in the automotive industry. Many of our customers have been with us for years because we consistently provide them with honest rates, candid advice, and friendly service. We are family-owned and will treat you like part of ours. As a Log Cabin customer, you can be confident your best interests are always in mind.

Complimentary Check-ups

Included free with each visit, our experienced technicians will ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before returning it to you. We top off fluids, check tire pressure, tread wear, wiper blades and conduct a general inspection of your lights, belts, hoses and major systems so you are aware of potential issues and can better avoid unwelcome surprises on the road.

Safety And Security

While Log Cabin is in a considerably safe location, we like our customers to feel extra confident leaving their vehicle with us. Our property is monitored 24/7 by a state-of-the-art security system, inside and out. If your service requires you to leave your vehicle overnight, we will keep it stored safely inside or within our locked, gated parking lot.

24-hour Vehicle Drop Off

We understand life can get busy. Schedule an appointment and drop off your vehicle when it is most convenient for you, day or night. Our secure key drop allows you to easily leave your vehicle after we’ve closed for the evening. We’ll get started on it first thing in the morning, getting you back on the road even sooner.

Flexible Ride Services

Whether you need your vehicle picked up or dropped off at your home, or simply need a ride to or from our shop, we offer a variety of convenient transportation and ride services in order to enhance your experience with us.

Break-down Service & Towing

Did your car break down? Whether you’re in your driveway or stranded on the side of the road, we can arrange towing service to our shop. Flat tire? We’ll come out to install your spare tire so you can get to us. If you’re in a bind, just give us a call and we will do our best to see how we can help.

Location, Location, Location

We are located in the heart of Bergen County, New Jersey and only 8 miles from the George Washington Bridge. Our shop is in close proximity to plenty of food, coffee, shopping and other businesses, so your day doesn’t need to be put on hold if you choose to wait around for while your vehicle is being serviced.

Note: While we will make our best efforts, we may not always be able to accommodate ride service and transportation requests. Additionally, break-down service is a courtesy we will try to provide in order to get your vehicle to us more economically, but may this service may be restricted or unavailable due to distance and other factors. As a last resort, we can almost always arrange towing of your vehicle to our shop.